Recovery of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Screens
You do not know what to do with your old screens?
We can do the recovery of electronic devices !
It still works?

Do not discard the still functional material, give it away! You may disrespectfully consider your old CRT monitor as useless now, but if it still works, it could still be used by others. If nobody in your entourage is interested, entrust it to a humanitarian association which will know how to dust it and to give it a new youth.

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Recycling electronic equipment and computer monitors - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
We recover your CRT monitors that are no longer useful

Here are the steps by which your old screen will pass from the moment we pick it up at your home:


Electronic Disposal The dismantling

We first remove the hulls and electronic cards that will have another use.


Electronic and computer components The separation

All other components are then separated manually.


Recycling of screen pieces The recycling

Plastic and metal that can not be recovered is then sent to different recycling centers with whom we collaborate.


Recovery of electronic equipment The recovery

The material will then be melted in order to be reinjected into the production industry of different products.

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