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Why Should We Recycle?

E-waste is the only growing waste stream in Canada, in Québec only, more than 680,000 computers are sold every year. Added to this there are all the cell phones, printers, televisions, scanners and other electronic objects, totaling more than 50,000 tonnes of electronic waste annually. This number will only increase as the life of electronic devices decreases each year. On average, individuals and companies will change their equipment after 3.5 years of use, because they will be obsolete and because it would cost more to repair or upgrade.

Although the use of computer and electronic equipment is safe for our health, it is not the same for the environment. Several toxic substances are found in this equipment, such as lead, cadmium and mercury, which once buried or incinerated, will contaminate the soil and air. Most of our customers are now turning to us to give their old computers a second life, while avoiding enlarging landfills.

Make the right choice, decontamination, recycling and treatment of computer materials are our responsibility to all, free your conscience by doing business with the experts of Info liquidation Recycle.

Did you know that more than 120 million batteries are consumed in Quebec each year and only 6% are recovered. So, 94% of the batteries go directly to the trash, which has the effect of adding 4000 tons of heavy metals to our dumpsites annually. But the presence of these metals is not without consequence, it creates a pollution of the soil and ground water without forgetting that they are often carcinogenic and can cause serious health problems.

Batteries and accumulators contain heavy metals (mercury, zinc, lead, cadmium) in large quantities. Just a single mercury battery thrown away contaminates 1m³ of earth and 1000m³ of water for 50 years! The batteries are easily recyclable: from one ton of battery, up to 600 kg of reusable materials are extracted (ferromanganese for the manufacture of steel, zinc, slag for B.T.P. and mercury).


Through pickup, we make a substantial contribution to environmental protection and the fight against premature disposal of electronic equipment that may have a second life

Each of your computer batches will be taken over by our teams of disassemblers who will weight and count your products. We will then distribute everything in a variety of industries that specialize in the recycling of metals, glass, plastics and more. We are rigorous in the selection of our subcontractors, ensuring that the waste will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Data Destruction
Info Liquidation Recycle agrees to respect the security and confidentiality of your data.

Thus, we destroy all data on hard drives using software that integrates powerful algorithms that meet the standards of the RCMP, NASA and the US Department of Defense. If, however, the hard disks are incomplete, the most effective solution is the complete physical destruction of the disks. A certificate of destruction can be issued upon your request.

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