Recovery procedure

CRT screen

After the dismantling of the shells and electronic cards, the whole thing will be manually separated and sent to different centers to recycle plastic as well as metals. The material will then be melted down to be re-injected into the production industry for different products.

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Standard LCD screen, LED or plasma, everyone finds their way!

We listed them according to their typology

Indeed, each screen contains distinct components that will justify different treatment solutions. For standard LCD screens with backlight lamp, the main difficulty is to separate fluorescent tubes that contain mercury, an element toxic to humans and the environment. Today, we have not found better solutions to extract and neutralize it, than to do it manually. The fluorescent tubes containing mercury go into a chain dedicated to them. Typically, grinders will separate the glass from the mercury powder so that it can be neutralized and disposed of.

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Computer components

Devices are recovered, dismantled, shredded and crushed, manually or using specialized machinery. Valuable fragments are recovered in the form of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, cables, plastics, etc.

Each type of material to its very specific future

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