Computer & electronic recycling in Kirkland


After a while, the renewal of computer equipment is necessary. At the same time, we must also think about the management of computer waste, an operation that can however present difficulties. Indeed, computer equipment represents a danger for the planet. Their handling is different from other waste: depositing computer waste in a garbage can is not enough. Computer recycling is the process to follow, but it is still necessary to do it well. If you are in Kirkland, recycle your computer waste by using a specialized company like Info Liquidation.

Why is computer recycling important?

Computer components are, for the most part, harmful to health and the environment. These elements contain heavy metals, such as lead or copper. However, they are important components for the operation of a computer, since they ensure the exchange of information. Once extracted from the machine, they are dangerous, both for health and for the environment.

For example, mercury deteriorates the health of humans, animals and plants. Copper also cannot be left in the wilderness, because it destroys everything around it. It may be advantageous to entrust these components to a recycling professional. The goal is to give a second life to old computer equipment by recycling them. It is a way to sustainably protect the ecosystem. This eco-responsible gesture is already practiced by professionals in Kirkland. Info Liquidation intervenes in this city to recycle used computer equipment.

Recycling for every component

computer recycling

The recycling method is different for each IT component. It is therefore possible to recycle one component at a time. Here is the process to follow for the recycling of the following components:

The motherboard

It is the point of connection of the different components of the computer. The motherboard is a kind of multilayer circuit that brings together different connectors and components of the machine. This compound can be recycled as a result of a particular treatment and then resold on the market. For any recycling in Quebec or nearby, such as Kirkland, call on your motherboard recycling specialist.

The PCI card

New technologies such as Wi-Fi are only accessible through the PCI card. The latter contributes to the optimization of the computer’s performance. It is one of the components connected to the motherboard. Shock resistant, it is recyclable and resaleable. To reduce its impact on the environment, it is necessary to use the know-how of a professional recycler. In Kirkland, entrust the recycling of your PCI card to a specialist!

Hard drive and RAM

The computer can only function properly if it has a memory medium: the hard disk. It can be an internal hard drive or an external hard drive or an SSD hard drive. This component of the computer serves in particular as a permanent storage place for machine data. As for RAM or RAM, it is a temporary storage center. Stored data is erased automatically after each reboot. The hard drive is recyclable in part or in whole, while the RAM is processed according to the quality of its components. Most often, it is the metals that are recovered and processed.

The processor

It is the computer component responsible for performing all tasks launched on the machine. Equipped with multiple cores, it is the most important element in a computer. The materials that compose it produce a significant ecological impact, hence the need to entrust its treatment to a specialist PC. Have your worn or damaged processors treated by a specialized professional in Kirkland!

The process of computer recycling

Computer recycling takes place over three phases: sorting, reconditioning and processing. Sorting consists of separating the elements that can still be used from those that are not recyclable. In this way, the polluting elements are deposited in a suitable location before the start of recycling.

Then comes the reconditioning, that is to say the phase of restoration of the recyclable elements. Before proceeding, the professional disassembles the computer (the screen and the central unit) to see if the components can still be used or not. If they are still in working order, they can be used as spare parts to repair or reassemble other computers. They can also be offered on the market, but under warranty.

Finally, the treatment only concerns components in poor condition. This phase involves the extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for shipment to specialized companies. Some of these metals are mined and resold to foundries.