Computer & electronic recycling in Blainville


With the evolution of technology, we currently have at our disposal, sophisticated equipment. However, these new machines need to be renewed at some point. As in the case of computers, the user will need to change it. In addition, it is not advisable to throw it anywhere, at the risk of damaging the environment. This is because end-of-life electronic devices are not good to be thrown into garbage boxes. This computer waste will give ecological impacts: let’s opt for electronic recycling! Info liquidation in Blainville offers you to recycle your electronic waste without moving.

Computer & electronic recycling in Blainville

If you are forced to throw away items from your computer, it is best to look for an electronic recovery. Putting these computer compositions in garbage cans can harm the environment. Let us take into account that these materials can increase the emission of the greenhouse effect. Copper and lead endanger plant and animal life. But destruction is not limited to nature, it also affects man. Human health can be compromised by the components that make up the device, such as mercury.

Have you ever heard of computer recycling in Quebec? Environmental degradation stems from the failure to understand the destructive consequences of these different elements. It will be necessary to consider point by point the dangers that this electronic waste represents in relation to the ecological system. Know that in Blainville, we offer you the opportunity to discover the world of electronic recycling. Blainville’s computer recycling tries to transform and give a second chance to your equipment to be reused. To do this, preserve nature without moving, Blainville recycling comes to you!

Materials affected by recycling

computer recycling

Each product has its own characteristic and both are also recoverable. Blainville has the opportunity to bring all your equipment back to life.

Electronic cards

These are printed circuits that connect electronic components and that will allow energy exchanges. Electronic boards handle more complex functions and are interconnected. For example: access controls, zone-by-zone monitoring, image transmission. The board consists of a resistor, a capacitor, a diode and a transistor.

Rather than throwing them away, we invite you to recycle these cards, as they are recoverable. Call on a professional to disassemble your PCB. Practically all the components of a printed circuit board, mentioned above, can be restored again!

The sound card

A sound card can be in the form of a small chip, it is used to improve the sound system of the computer. It makes sure to convert a digital signal. The PC will transmit the sound there and in turn the card will convert the signal of the computer. You will find two motherboard screw slots and the connector of a motherboard audio tablecloth.

Each component will constitute a computer, and it can be renewed. A recycling specialist will use lead to weld the whole. And it will be the same for the graphics card, the network card and the video card.

Keyboard, screen and mouse

The keyboard and mouse allow you to encode your commands that will be translated into computer language. The other electronic components of the computer will translate them. The computer screen allows you to view the result of the commands you expect. Also, the keyboard is used to write texts and execute many commands. It works in conjunction with the small device called “the mouse”.

These three elements of the computer are very easy to reconstruct. You can replace damaged parts of your mouse or keyboard: make sure they still work.

How to recycle?

There are three steps to follow to carry out electronic recycling. Items are sorted before they are dismantled: it is a question of separating those that are recoverable from those that are no longer recoverable. The interest is to be able to identify the defective components of the device.

The sorted elements are then tested for their condition of use, the central unit will be dismantled in stages by the specialist. Each component will be carefully checked to be able to resell them later. It is possible that if an element is still functional, new devices can be built or another can be repaired. Let’s take as an example, internal and external HARD drives or electronic batteries.