Computer & electronic recycling in Mirabel

The computer package must be renewed after a long time of use. The other alternative to buying is computer recycling. It is a healthy gesture that protects the environment. This type of recycling requires know-how that only a specialist in the field masters. If you live in the city of Mirabel, as a computer recycling specialist, we can help you recycle your electronic equipment without moving.

Why do computer and electronic recycling in Mirabel?

You should know that the components of computer equipment are harmful to the environment. These elements are lead, copper and mercury. They are usually present in a computer: PC or laptop. These components are harmful or even dangerous because:

  • Mercury is harmful to health;
  • Lead is a pest of animals, plants and some microorganisms;
  • Copper dispersed in nature causes damage to the ecosystem.

That’s why computer recycling is important. It has 2 main advantages:

  • Give a second life to your electronic equipment;
  • Protect the environment by becoming eco-responsible.

First of all, don’t leave your computer waste lying around. Use recycling companies that specialize in the field to help you get rid of it. If you live in the city of Mirabel, you can recycle all your computer equipment without moving.

Computer recycling in Mirabel: how to recycle each component?

computer recycling
Computer recycling in the city of Mirabel supports the recycling of different computer components such as: motherboard, sound card, ram, video card, internal hard drive, external hard drive, etc.

Motherboard Recycling

Motherboards are cards connected to the various essential elements of the computer. This multilayer PCB connects and powers the specific components of the computer together. It is recoverable and as a result, it can be processed and put back on the market. If you live in Mirabel, and you want to get rid of your old motherboard, do not hesitate to call a recycler nearby.

PCI card recycling

The PCI card is the room that activates the latest technologies like wifi. It is directly connected to the motherboard. As an impact-resistant component, it is easily recyclable and can be refurbished. Do not hesitate to use a Quebec recycling service if you live in Mirabel.

Hard Drive and RAM Recycling

The hard drive and RAM are the two memories of the computer. The first keeps the data permanently while the second stores the information temporarily. Above all, it gives quick access to information. Both of these components can be recycled and data recovery as an advantage. A damaged hard drive can be used to repair other hard drives. In the event that it is unusable, a professional recycling service on site can treat them in the city of Mirabel.

Processor Recycling

The processor or CPU is the most important component of a computer. It executes the instructions while performing the commands launched by the user. It has one or more cores. Its recycling requires delicacy to avoid environmental degradation. To do this, call on a specialist PC in the city of Mirabel and its surroundings.

What are the steps of computer recycling?

To be able to move on to the procedures during computer retraining, 3 points are important. The first is to sort. This stage separates the reusable computers and the components to be deposited in the specialized locations. This first step serves to understand harmful equipment before proceeding with recycling.

The second is to recondition all the elements of the computer equipment in order to restore them to working order. This second step requires you to call on a professional to completely disassemble your pc. The CPU must be disassembled piece by piece for verification of each of the components. They can then be reused for other devices if conditions are favourable. The reconstruction of a new machine is feasible when they are reusable. As you can see in the market, the assured sale of recycled components has become accessible.

The third point is to deal with computer recycling. This process is particularly relevant to damaged components intended for landfill. The processing step usually involves separating metals such as steel, aluminum or copper. These will be sent to companies specializing in recycling. In addition, the technician can opt for resale apart from metals intended for the foundry.