Computer & electronic recycling in Longueuil


Renewing your computer equipment after years of existence is a good idea. Yes, it’s good to renew everything by buying new equipment, but you also have to think about “how to manage old used devices?”. As we know, it is this last task that happens to be the most difficult. Above all, because they require special attention so as not to harm Mother Nature. In this case, thinking about recycling is a responsible gesture. But where to find a good recycling brand that meets the standards in force? For you who live around Longueuil, a team awaits you firmly in the premises.

Electronic recycling in Longueuil: is it an important action?

Obvious to some, this question has all its raison d’être especially for those who work in the COMPUTER field. This is simply because we know that these computing devices have components that do not bode well for the environment. Examples include copper, lead and mercury. They cause harmful consequences for the Environment while they are the ones who form the engine that allows a computer to work: a real dilemma.

Thus, making a specialized care for these harmful components is essential. And none equalizes recycling: a way to reuse old appliances so that nothing deteriorates the already fragile environment. What is set up here is a way to minimize the ecological impact while taking advantage of the material available for another use. For you who have just made the decision to get rid of your old computer park, a team in Longueuil will be delighted to remove everything to give space to the new ones, in an ecological way.

Computer recycling in Longueuil: the various components

computer recycling

In Longueuil, the brand presents itself as a company that will take all used computer devices, including various components such as the motherboard, the PCI card, the processor, the hard disk

The motherboard:

This first component is the central core of the computer. All the other components come together to fulfill their role. Concretely, it is a printed circuit board formed by multitudes of tracks feeding the other elements.

In any case, the motherboard can still be reused and have a new life. Thus, the inhabitants of Longueuil can get rid of it with peace of mind by deciding to have it recycled.

The PCI card:

This second component provides access to the latest options of the new technology. For optimized use, a second card is required. Like all other components, it is linked to the motherboard. Recognized for its resilient character, despite years of good and loyal service, the COMPUTER recycling team can still restore it and give it a second life. But if recycling can no longer be done, in Longueuil, another way, another team will take care of it so that nature is not affected.

The hard drive and RAM:

These two memories hold an important place in the operation of a computer. The hard drive will do a permanent data retention while the Randon Access Memory loads temporarily.

For the hard drive, the main recycling task will be to restore it to working order. It is therefore feasible and possible to reuse a hard drive. But if the disc is no longer recoverable, its parts can still be used. Nothing is lost.

The RAM goes directly to a treatment during which the component will be removed the elements that can still be used. Longueuil has a team of professionals in the field who will be happy to recover the memories of your computer.

The processor:

This fourth component is the most in demand in the field of recycling. Simply because it is he who will set up all the commands resulting from the instructions given. It also participates in the realization of what is requested. In order to do everything that is asked of it, the processor has more than two cores.

Computer recycling: what are the steps?

For the computer recycling of the various devices, the work is done in 3 steps: sorting, reconditioning and processing.

The first is to select the still recoverable elements of the used structure. The biggest job is going to be to do tests to see what needs to go through a refurbishment so that the device can work again. Far from being a simple job, you have to be patient, because it is by dismantling that the professional in Longueuil will know where the disability lies. Once the dismantling is done, parts are recovered to troubleshoot other central units. The third and final stage of computer recycling as well as electronic recycling focuses on the elements that no longer serve any purpose. In this case, no recovery of items is possible. It therefore remains to take the aluminum and iron that compose them and send them to specialized locations.