Computer & electronic recycling in Saint-Laurent


The renewal of the computer park is one of the best methods that you should choose when the old ones begin to present failures. It is easy to change equipment, but it involves some inconvenience, especially when it concerns office waste. Indeed, the latter are considered harmful elements for our environment. Fortunately the recycling system exists, it was set up with the aim of helping all people who want to change computer park to get rid of their previous one. So, if you live in Quebec or more precisely in the city of Saint-Laurent, you have the opportunity to deliver your used computer equipment with confidence. Professionals will then be able to take care of reviving the repairable elements to manufacture another computer equipment.

How important is it to recycle your computer equipment?

Since computer equipment contains materials that are harmful to our environment, it is normal to find radical solutions. Computer equipment can be composed of lead, copper or mercury, as the latter play a major role in the computer system. For example, one of these elements can ensure the transfer of your data or optimize the performance of your computer with all connections. Copper can have a significant ecological impact and lead, for its part, is fatal for plants, animals or most microorganisms. When it comes to mercury, it is better to be careful because it is very dangerous to health.

It is impossible to treat computer waste knowing that a significant danger can be used if the elements mentioned above are left lying around. The most effective solution is computer recycling or electronic recycling. The goal is not to limit ourselves to Quebec recycling, but to obtain a new use for computer equipment, mainly components that are recyclable. As the recycling system is one of the best solutions for computer waste, do not hesitate to call on the professionals who are located in the city of Saint-Laurent.

Computer recycling of all components

computer recycling

In the city of Saint-Laurent, you can perform computer recycling of all the components of your machine. All parts are recyclable such as the motherboard, SSD or monitor, but in this section we will explain the components and their role.


The processor or CPU is a component widely used in any machine compared to its main missions. It is he who executes and participates in all the tasks from the commands, in addition, he is endowed with several cores.

For the recycling of the processor, a specific treatment is recommended so that the components that are inside the hardware do not contribute, in any case, to the degradation of the environmental system.


The motherboard is a small board that is in your machine whose main role is to allow all the essential components to connect. On the board, many tracks are connected and fed with connectors and other electronic components. This element is recoverable, only professionals have the skills to treat and restore this part to good condition. If you live in the vicinity of the city of Saint-Laurent, call on recycling professionals to solve the failures of your computer park. This can be part of your contribution to the protection of our environment.


The PCI card is connected directly to the motherboard so that access to technologies such as wifi can work well. This assembly gives a better performance to your connection, especially if it is connected with another PCI card. It is also part of the recyclable and repairable materials, according to its current state. In addition, if the PCI card is not recoverable, professionals can take care of it so as not to harm our environment.

Hard drive and RAM

Generally, each machine has 2 separate memories, the hard disk and the RAM. Each of the memories has the function of preserving data, but in a different way. That said, as a storage memory, one can place information permanently on the disk. On the other hand, as RAM, all information can be temporarily stored on RAM. As a result, when you restart your machine, all the data in the RAM is automatically erased, as it only offers quick access.

It should be noted that the internal hard drive and the external hard drive are recyclable materials, so if you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact the computer recycling companies in the city of Saint-Laurent.

How does computer recycling work?

The computer recycling system takes place in 3 steps, starting with sorting to separate all the usable computers and those that will end up in the specialized locations. In this way, all the equipment will be identified and then proceed to the second step.

Reconditioning involves passing a test of all computer components to see if it is possible to reuse them or not. It is necessary to disassemble each component of a computer and check their condition in order to dissociate the reusable components from those that are less reusable. Some professionals repackage components to sell on the market with a warranty. But once the reconditioning is done, we move on to the last step.

Processing, a crucial step to initiate the computer recycling of all worn components. In this process, metals such as steel, aluminum or copper are extracted to be sent to specialized machines.