Computer & electronic recycling in Lasalle


E-waste on the planet is due to tons of man-made overproduction. Last year, these rise to 56 million, and continue to evolve day by day. Computer components are one of the factors of this overproduction and represent a quarter of these tons of e-waste. It is quite possible to avoid this by doing, for example, electronic recycling. Computer recycling is one of the most common actions that allow us to save our planet.

What is a recycling of computer equipment in Lasalle?

As the name suggests, it is a recycling of everything related to computer hardware, for example: laptops or desktop computers. Apparently, in the face of technological change, it seems that many of us neglect and stop using our old tools to replace them with new ones that are up to date. As a result, these materials are simply thrown in the trash, or in a storage house.

This will have a bad ecological impact and is unfortunately not good for health as well as for the environment. Indeed, the elements that make up a computer are harmful factors for the latter. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to mix them with other waste such as a can of beer, sachets, etc., when recycling computers. This is therefore intended to recondition computer tools for a new use.

Currently, the percentage of electronic waste decreases by up to 20%, this estimate is based on the processing of computer tools worldwide. In the majority of cases, some of these elements are very dangerous if left free in nature. It is therefore advisable to recycle them rather than throw them away. Throwing them away, it will be a threat to the environment, whereas by recycling them, we can obtain a lot of benefits.

Computer hardware recycling in Lasalle: recyclable components

computer recycling

What is important in computer hardware are the recyclable elements that make it up. These components can be: hard drives, processors are also part of it, PCI cards, and not to mention motherboards and memory sticks.


Also called Intel and AMD, generally, processors are the heart of computers. During their recycling, precious irons such as palladium can be recovered. Gold is also obtained at the level of the pins, as well as at the level of the wires that connect the two parts.

The motherboard

Just like processors, the motherboard also proves to be important, as it provides the link between all the elements that make up computers. From its recycling, one can also obtain gold, it is a stainless metal and is found in several computer components. It is perfectly illustrated that this does not allow us to throw it away in any way.

The PCI card

It is also known as a daughter card, it is an essential element in computer science. It is the one that ensures the connection between the motherboard and the expansion cards of a computer. From its recycling, one can find gold and aluminum. And once recycled, it can be adapted with a mobile phone.

Memory sticks

Also known as RAM, they occupy a very important place in a computer, its reconditioning allows other uses. If we want to increase the capacity of the computer, memory sticks are the answer. In general, its recycling saves the planet.

Hard drives

The hard drive is one of the components that make it possible to store all the data in a computer. Because of this, it is one of the very valuable elements in a PC. In all circumstances, whether they are damaged or functional, they are always useful. Because of this, one can recover a hard drive using the parts that still work in others that are damaged. For the manufacture of the other components, iron oxides, cobalt and other elements can be removed.

Recycling computer and electronic equipment in Lasalle: the different steps

Whether in Lasalle or Quebec, or in another country in the world, recycling follows a step. For example, for computer recycling, this involves following virtually the same procedures as all recycling. In the case of a Quebec recycling, this requires registration with an approved computer tool collection structure. To do this, we must first sort the materials, then separate the elements that work from those that are irrecoverable, to finally move on to treatment.