Computer & electronic recycling in Sainte-Thérèse


Waste from new technology continues to grow. The reason comes from the fact that we want to have the latest computer park, with all the possible and imaginable options. But how then to react to this? While knowing that poor waste management in this area will have harmful consequences for both the world and health. The only way out is recycling. Let’s see what this gesture, once adopted, will bring as a difference.

Recycling of computer and electronic equipment in Sainte-Thérèse: some details

Recycling is an action that allows an element to revive after reconditioning work. For computer equipment, this makes perfect sense: computers contain harmful elements and components that must be taken care of. It is also important to note that its recycling does not follow conventional selections. Such an initiative will prevent the spread of these harmful elements in the air causing:

  • A double fault: to health and the environment;
  • Recycling of computer equipment: the different components accepted.

When a computer park is dismantled to make way for new equipment, it is difficult to find where and how to get rid of it without causing too much ecological impact to the planet. Electronic recycling signs take almost all the elements in particular.

The processor:

computer recycling

Available on different brands, the processor is one of the first components taken during recycling. It will be at the top of the list since it is the very heart of the computer. Its importance will also be reinforced by the fact that the work that will be done by professionals will make it possible to extract precious metals such as gold, silver, aluminum and copper. So it’s up to you to call on recycling specialists to pick up the processors you no longer use: a responsible citizen approach

The motherboard:

So it’s up to you to call on electronic recycling specialists to pick up the processors you no longer use: With its role, it contains a lot of lead. And you know very well how much lead will harm human health and the environment. Under no circumstances can it be thrown everywhere.

The PCI card:

This card has all its importance in the computer world. It allows you to connect the motherboard with the other cards used. If it can no longer be repaired to integrate another computer, it can be modified so that it becomes an important part of a mobile phone: new life assured, optimized recycling.

Memory sticks

RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES are one of the significant components of computers. When they are used, computer retraining work will allow them to fulfill other roles or simply participate in increasing the performance of the machine. Given all that it can do, memory sticks are very useful whether they are in working order or used: no need to throw them away, it is better to recycle them.

Hard drives:

This component takes care of everything that is data storage. With such a role, its reconditioning will be easy whether it still works or no longer works. When she can still serve, he will continue with a new life. But in case the repair is difficult, it will be put in spare parts to come and troubleshoot the other hard drives. For those who are no longer recoverable, we can still extract gold, nickel, cobalt … from their tray.


We have seen that almost all components from the computer park can be recycled. It is even a source of parts for repairs which is a real mine to extract precious metals. Other than that, what to do with plastic then? Very good reflection: this matter must also be well treated so as not to pollute the world, and this for years. In the general case, plastics are easily recycled, so let’s just trust the computer recycling brands in Sainte-Thérèse.

Computer and electronic recycling in Sainte-Thérèse: let’s talk about the steps

Wherever it is in the world, as soon as we talk about computer recycling, the steps to follow are classic. Thus, for Sainte-Thérèse, everything follows the same perspective: the first step will be to approach the institution by making an inscription. This will be the first contact between you and the team of professionals. Once this is done, we will proceed with the sorting work. It consists in putting on one side what can easily be repaired. With this preliminary selection, the second group will then immediately move to the processing phase to extract the spare parts that can be used. For the “recoverable” group, the real electronic recycling begins.