Computer & electronic recycling in Dorval


After using your computer for a while, it is necessary to reoffend it. And if liquidating worn-out equipment is a better idea, renewing your machine is another too. The recycling of old computer equipment is therefore no longer a secret and it is far from being the most tedious. However, the treatment of such materials is dangerous for the environment. It is impossible to throw them directly on the road. That is why liquidation is essential. Only, the companies responsible for the liquidation of these materials can not be everywhere. But if you live in the Dorval area, we are here to satisfy you in terms of managing worn out IT equipment.

Why liquidate used computer equipment?

Computer equipment is several elements that are harmful to our body and the environment. These elements concern copper, lead and Mercury. They are in the computer and are the basis of its operation, data transfer, etc. These materials also allow the computer to resist different connections. It is therefore obvious that the computer has the fatal elements for man or for the environment. Mercury, for example, is a very dangerous element for health. As for lead, it is harmful to living beings. Copper too, when it spreads, becomes a big concern for the ecosystem.

Even if the recycling of computer equipment is not a well-proven solution, it is still essential to liquidate them. The main goal is to give new life to electronic equipment and other useless computer accessories. This method will also prevent these materials from being scattered in the environment. Computer recycling is the right solution and without ecological impact. In case you live in Dorval, you can trust us with regard to the complete recycling of your computer equipment without moving.

Recycling of computer equipment

computer recycling

Electronic recycling does not only take into account all computer equipment. The liquidation is done one by one, more precisely by each component to respect the environment.

The processor

This is a fundamental element for the operation of a computer. Also called CPU, it is responsible for the instructions and accommodating activities of the orders made. A processor can have one or more cores. If the processor does not work, the computer will not be able to function.

The recycling of this component therefore requires special treatment in order to avoid the destruction of the environment. At Dorval, we offer you quality and affordable services so that you can easily and quickly recycle your processor. Do not wait to contact the Quebec recycling agency as soon as possible for more information!

The motherboard

It is a component through which one can connect several essential elements in the computer. Practically, it concerns a circuit with multiple layers covered with tracks that bind and supply the connectors as well as the specific electronic elements.

Be aware that this item is recoverable in case of loss or destruction. It is possible to qualify it and put it back on sale. Do you live in the Dorval area and want to get rid of your old motherboard? It’s time to recycle it to protect your health and our environment.

The hard drive

Also called storage memory, the hard drive is one of the components of a computer. Whether it is an internal hard drive or an external hard drive, it allows data to be stored permanently. For the hard drive, recycling makes it possible to repair this material. So it is quite possible to recover a hard drive.

If the hard drive is damaged, there are competent professionals in this area. The specialist PC can extract the parts in an intact state. This will allow you to easily repair other hard ones that require the replacement of elements. You can then use the components that are worn, but that are also usable.

The PCI card

This component has the role of accessing recent technologies such as Wifi. By assembling with another PCI card, it allows to have more performance. The PCI card is plugged in immediately to the motherboard.

The PCI card is the computer element that withstands the most shocks. This is why it is possible to recycle and refurbish it. In a certain case, a specialist will be in charge of the treatment so that it does not harm nature.


Also called a living memory, the Ram temporarily retains the data. After starting the computer, it will automatically erase. It allows users to quickly access information.

Regarding the liquidation of RAMS, the processing will be done in an easy way. Apart from recycling, the specialist can recover the remains of metals. These are valuable and can give you an interest. In Dorval, RAMS recycling is possible. We already offer you ecological recycling of your computing device. Do not wait, contact us as soon as possible in case of need or even in emergency. We are open at any time.

The different processes of recycling computer equipment

Computer recycling is carried out in three stages:

  • Sorting: This is the first step in computer recycling and is carried out by dissociation. In this stage, recoverable items like video card, keyboard, monitor, sound card, etc. will be set aside. Electronic recovery makes it possible to purify components before recycling.
  • Reconditioning: The next step is the new packaging, which is also the testing of the components of the computer hardware. The main goal is to upgrade them in order to use them again. In this phase, the professional completely disassembles the computer as well as the central unit if each element is still intact. These elements can be sold at the market or also usable for the construction of a new machine.
  • Treatment: The final phase is the treatment of the really worn components. In this phase, the professional extracts materials such as steel and metals. He can actually put them back on sale or has reserved for other uses.