Computer & electronic recycling in Repentigny


The use of computer equipment is similar to that of clothing. Worn and old, they are destined directly to be thrown away. But, not for all cases, there are other ways to reuse them without destroying the environment by this waste. Instead of putting them in a garbage can, it is better to give them a second life. Its ecological impact will be less important if computer waste is well controlled. Several ecological gestures will be adopted for the coming years, starting with the electronic recycling of all these types of devices. Find out how to go about Quebec recycling in Repentigny.

Good reasons for computer and electronic recycling in Repentigny

Why is computer recycling so important and in high demand? A computer can be more dangerous than a poison exposed to the open air. All computer equipment is composed of elements harmful to health and ecology. A specialist PC in Quebec exposes a computer as an object with multiple dangers, especially when it is left in a trash can and turned into smoke. The smoke released by these components is classified as toxic. It is then wiser not to burn these types of waste, but to store and gather them in a specific place.

The different harmful components found in electronic devices:

  • Copper: An element found in a computer. It has harmful components, which can cause problems for the ecosystem.
  • Lead: Once dispersed, this element destroys plants, animals and microorganisms. Smoke and waste are all harmful to the environment.
  • Mercury: Harmful to both humans and nature. It is harmful to the health of what surrounds it.

By these facts, the processing of computer elements requires great attention. Even for small devices, it is imperative to take into account the harmful effects of the components. Faced with this measure, recycling is the only suitable option. Not just any: a recycling where the building blocks of a computer can have a second life. By preventing waste from being scattered in nature and destroying the environment. This is called adequate and eco-responsible recycling. Reliable addresses for electronic recycling are available near Repentigny to get rid of old equipment.

Case of each component of a computer hardware

computer recycling

There are several ways to recycle a laptop or stationary computer, in an environmentally friendly way. By treating the device entirely by its unit or by spare part of its components. Computer recycling by elements can be done by separating the external hard drive, ssd, keyboard, computer mouse or computer screen.

Motherboard Recycling

It must be recognized that the motherboard is a main element of the computer. A board that connects and powers the components, as well as the specific electronic connectors. It also ensures the proper functioning of the devices for more efficient use. If it is still in good condition, it is possible to hope for a new use. This card is quite recoverable. Other compatible device models can fit and accommodate the same motherboard. It is an element willing to be used for other purposes.

PCI card recycling

An associate of the motherboard, the PCI card has a very important role. It is responsible for the various accesses to the latest technologies, as well as an extra performance for the computer server. Also useful and important for all electronic devices, this element is ideally reusable.

With a resistant appearance, the component is durable and resistant to shocks. It can then be used effectively even if the device has turned off for other reasons. Otherwise, professionals can pull harmful elements before throwing it away permanently.

Hard drive and RAM recycling

The two memories that make up a computer. Known as data custodians, components can store various information. The internal hard drive and RAM can be recyclable, therefore recoverable.

The computer recycling procedure

Computer retraining is done in three stages:


The trI consists of separating the usable elements and the elements to be discarded. It makes it possible to determine the equipment to be cleaned up before proceeding to recycling.


Reconditioning consists of testing each element of the computer hardware in order to know their condition and to upgrade them. The professional will then proceed to the complete disassembly of the central unit and the computer. They put them back in other devices as needed or gather them together to build new devices. These parts can also be sold on the market as functional equipment with warranties.


This last step concerns completely damaged parts that are considered unusable. The treatments involve removing metals such as steel, aluminum and copper. Once extracted, these metals are sent to specialized recycling channels. They can also be sold in foundries.