Computer & electronic recycling in Côte-Saint-Luc


After several years of use, it is essential to renew the computer pack. Buying new hardware is an easy step, but when it comes to managing worn-out hardware, it can sometimes be complicated. In addition, IT waste management is a long process that requires us to proceed according to the standards to protect our environment. Putting these used materials in the trash is not the best solution either, which is why recycling takes its full form in this step. However, as there are not many recycling companies, especially on Côte-Saint-Luc, it is better to learn more closely about the management of equipment that no longer works.

Why is recycling important?

Computer equipment is composed of several elements harmful to our environment, particularly lead, mercury, or copper. Yet, these elements ensure the transfer of data and also guarantee the performance of the hardware from the connections. When these components are found outside a machine, they can have a very significant ecological impact. Let’s take the example with mercury, this element is dangerous for our health and it is also the case with lead, it is harmful to plant and animal species as well as microorganisms. On the copper side, it has a negative impact on the ecosystem, which requires finding a quick solution.

It can therefore be seen that the processing of computer equipment is a very delicate process. This is why the recycling option is mentioned for all users who wish to get rid of their computer machine. However, recycling is not only the option offered, these materials can also be brought back to life by using them for other computer packs. This gesture reduces the risk of spreading harmful elements on the environment. Moreover, this gesture is qualified as eco-responsible and therefore, if you live on the Côte-Saint-Luc or in the surrounding area, you no longer need to make a long journey to recycle your computer equipment.

Computer recycling: all the details of each component

Computer equipment in Quebec

Computer recycling concerns all computer equipment as well as components. You have the option to recycle the motherboard, PCI card, processor and more.

The PCI card speaks

This card promotes access to all modern technologies such as Wifi for example. By pairing it with another PCI card, the performance of the machine increases. On the connection side, it connects directly to the motherboard and moreover, it is highly resistant to shocks.

Hard drive and RAM

Each computer has 2 distinct memories; the hard disk which concerns the storage memory and the RAM which concerns the RAM. This is because all the data that is kept in the hard drive can remain permanent while the RAM, this data is stored temporarily. When you restart the machine, the RAM or RAM will automatically clear.

Recycling the hard drive allows on the one hand to repair another material, because it is a recoverable component. However, when it is damaged, it is possible to extract the parts in working order to repair other hard drives. This means that the worn components will then be processed.

For the recycling of RAM, a simple treatment can be carried out: either the extraction of the component to be treated, or the extraction of precious metals and then recycle them.

The motherboard

It is the binding key between the important components of a computer. To better understand, it is a printed circuit board with hundreds of tracks presented to connect and power connectors and all electronic components. It is a component that can be recovered and can be resold on the market. Moreover, for those who live in Côte-Saint-Luc and you do not know how to get rid of your worn equipment, a recycling company can help you.

How does computer recycling work?

Computer recycling takes place in 3 steps. The first is to sort, that is, to dissociate all usable materials from those that are worn out to send them to a landfill. In this way, the identification of worn components is easily carried out to begin recycling.

In the second step, it is a question of reconditioning the components of each computer hardware for later use. It is the professionals who take care of completely disassembling your computer as well as the central unit for checking the condition of the components. In this way, one can proceed to the manufacture of a new device with the usable components. In addition, it is possible to sell the components separately on the market with a warranty.

Finally, it is necessary to deal with computer equipment that is totally worn. This step consists primarily of extracting metals such as steel, aluminum and copper to send them to specialized waste disposal facilities, but some professionals resell these metals in foundries. As for hard drives, they will be crushed to completely destroy the information that is integrated, but it happens that incineration is useful in most cases.