Frequent questions

01 - Why don't you charge any fees, while most do?

As we have buyers for all types of components, metals, plastic and even cardboard, so we are able to offer a service at no cost to our customers.

02 - Is there a minimum amount of equipment to recycle to request your services?

To take advantage of the service free of charge, we ask our customers for a minimum of 20 items (not including keyboards and mice).

03 - Do you have a maximum distance to pick up the equipment?

At the moment we cover the Montreal area and the North Shore. For quantities of more than 50 items, we also travel to the South Shore.

04 - Is it possible to do business with you on a regular basis?

Yes, it is possible to make a long-term agreement according to any type of customer need.

05 - Can equipment be too old or damaged to be recycled?

No, all electronic and computer equipment is recycled, regardless of age.