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Éric Després

Founder and CEO

He founded Info Liquidation Recycle in 2005, since the company continues to grow. A specialist in computer recycling, he is in charge of finding the necessary resources for the processing of used products and equipment in accordance with current standards and guidelines.

Info Liquidation Recycle

We collect and process your computer and electronic equipment at the end of its life under strict compliance with the new laws. Do you have equipment that is cluttering you up and want to reduce your assets and miscellaneous insurance? Contact us, we offer you a turnkey solution.

At the heart of government concerns, ecology, sustainable development and the future of our planet are now everyone’s business. How should we react? How can we provide support? What are our legal and moral obligations?
In recent years, we have been providing a waste disposal solution that will not solve the current situation, but will avoid savagely burying hundreds of thousands of electronic components that will pollute our soils for decades to come. Our structure proposes to reuse the materials contained in computer products in order to breathe new life into these thousands of tons of material. We have set up a comprehensive network of subcontractors specializing in recycling a particular material.
Why extract new resources when on the other hand we are burying thousands of tonnes of them in the ground? Industrialists are constantly producing in the face of increasing demand, so we are providing them with alternative solutions to avoid consuming new energy while avoiding polluting our heritage.