Computer Recycling & Electronics in Lachine


Over time, there will come a time when it is necessary to renew the elements of a computer park. With this, one must think about how to get rid of everything that is already used. All this, because it is quite unthinkable to just put them in the trash. This will be both a threat to the environment as well as to the health of living beings. For you who live in Montreal, Info liquidation in Lachine is a good vein to entrust what will no longer be used while preserving the environment.

Importance of computer and electronic recycling in Lachine

A computer park consists of several computers. Each computer is composed of various elements. These elements are for the most part harmful to both the environment and health. These include copper, lead and mercury. However, it will be difficult to get rid of them given all the roles they play in the operation of the computer. But for the health of humans, these elements bring diseases that will alternate health. Lead, if released into the air, will have bad consequences on living things while copper will make the entire ecosystem sick.

This is why it is mandatory to invest in electronic recycling. This treatment differs a little from conventional recycling. For him, the work will be effective when from these used elements new models of devices can work again. On the other hand, a second purpose of recycling is not to let harmful elements perish in the atmosphere without treatment. It is therefore an element that is doubly advantageous. So for you who live near LaChine, do not leave computer waste lying around, send it to recycling companies.

Recycling in LaChine: the different components

computer recycling

At LaChine, recycling is really taken seriously. For this brand, everything can be recycled. Let’s look at the most common and recycled components.

The motherboard:

This first component is the heart of the computer. It is therefore around it that the other components gravitate. Concretely, the motherboard is made from a printed circuit board with more than a hundred tracks of connectors and electronic components.

As for its recycling, it is at the top of the list because of its recoverability. With expert hands, they will be back on the market. For you who are on the side of LaChine, recycling professionals can come and pick up your motherboard when you decide.

The PCI card:

This component gives us access to the various options that have been developed by the new technology. For more effect and results, it must be associated with another card. The PCI card is linked directly with the motherboard. Despite its complex operation, it is one of the components that resist the shocks that may appear during its use. Thus, it will be easier to restore it. But if this is no longer possible, another way will make it harmless to the environment.

The hard disk and RAM:

Two memories participate in the operation of a computer. These are the hard drive and RAM. The hard drive offers permanent data storage while the other operates non-permanently.

The hard drive will always be recyclable: it can be refurbished and have a new life or be used in spare parts for already existing elements. For RAM, computer recycling is simpler. Simpler in the sense that we just go through the recovery of precious elements.

The processor:

The CPU of the computer is the most sought-after element when it comes to computer recycling. Its importance comes from the fact that it is up to him to play the role of executor for all commands. It can do these tasks because it has multiple cores. However, it takes delicacy, because if we are not careful, all the harmful elements are found in the air and will destroy the environment.

Recycling in LaChine: the steps to follow

For this recycling brand, everything is done according to 3 steps:


This is a first step to reduce to spare parts. From this stage, we will have two groups. On the one hand the elements still recoverable and on the other those that will no longer serve much.


This is a testing phase to see how to treat and refurbish them. The professional will proceed with his team so that those who can still serve are directed directly to other computer parks or new devices.


This last step is used only for elements that are no longer recoverable, real waste. Through this process, we will only remove precious metals so that they can be reused for the creation of new devices without causing an ecological impact on the planet.