Computer & electronic recycling in Mascouche


Throwing away is a verb that is increasingly used. As a result, waste is piling up around the world, and this with an astronomical volume. But the most alarming thing in this sense is that it is not just any waste, it is mainly about used devices and components from the electronic and computer world. Given the nature of the materials used, planet Earth is running to its doom. In order to better understand this issue, recycling is becoming an essential issue for the world. Let’s see everything there is to know about this point.

Why recycle your electronic and computer equipment in Mascouche?

In answer to this question, we should first know the ins and outs of recycling. Recycling is an activity consisting of taking back a material that has already been used to give them a new life. It concerns all subjects, but what concerns us here is the world of the computer. This machine cannot simply be abandoned in the classic garbage bins. With such behaviors, there will surely be a dazzling as well as possible health concerns. In this case, it must be taken care of, and this, in a specialized way.

Electronic and computer recycling in Mascouche: with what components?

computer recycling

Various brands specialize in computer recycling, including recycling in Mascouche. This company holds as its main activity the support of almost all components like motherboard, PCI card, processor, memory batteries, etc.


This is the main element that operates a computer and a computer park. It is from his command that all the activities of the park will be carried out. It is therefore on his part that the other elements come to life. Without it, no order will be executed.

Given its importance compared to the entire computer, the motherboard will be the first element to recycle. Simply because it can still be used for a new model or an already existing computer. So if you want to get rid of your computer, because you have just acquired a more powerful model, Info liquidation in Mascouche will be delighted to come and take it.


It is a card that is linked directly with the motherboard. Its main role comes from its ability to adapt to make the options of the new technology to a computer park. In its use, it always comes with another card. The PCI card comes in second place when recycling since it resists a lot despite the activities it does, even for years. Info liquidation in Mascouche has created a team that will put them back in place to allow him to live another adventure with another device. However, the PCI card may no longer be reusable. In this case, other options are already put in place by the team of professionals so as not just to leave them in the open air with the selection of classic recycling.


The processor is one of the components to be recycled. Recycling brands are ready to take it in their selection simply because of its role with the management and effectiveness of an order. By possessing two hearts, he holds all the other elements with a master hand. So not to spoil an element that will still be reusable, it is better to give to recycle. No need to travel to give a second life to this component, each recycling company already has a team that will come and take them to your home.


Hard drives are known to be the main component of memorization. They are therefore very useful for the operation of the device. What is most important to know is that even if damaged, they are still recyclable. There, it can also be used as spare parts to repair other hard drives. If it is no longer recoverable, you can always take back your tray and thus be able to get nickel, cobalt, iron oxide. These elements will then be used again to manufacture new components.

Memory strips (RAM):

RAM or memory strips are a big part of a computer’s operation. Once used, the expertise of recycling companies gives them the ability to modify them for other uses, but also to make a computer more efficient. By choosing to use reconditioned elements, the planet’s resource will be less wasted: the planet will surely thank you for it.

Other recyclable items:

The components are all recyclable including the processor, hard drives; scanners, USB sticks… From these elements, copper, gold and aluminum will then be drawn. But we must not forget the use of plastics either. These plastics are not going to be left just in the garbage bins, but they must also be given to recycle in order to reuse them for other elements.

Computer recycling: what steps?

Electronic recycling in general is done in various stages. For those who come from Mascouche, do not hesitate to come to take information and also to register. Once the registration is done, it is now time to prepare for the arrival of the team that will come to do the removal. Before their arrival, a selection of the pieces still in operation and those to be thrown away are to be made. This way, the recycling work will be facilitated.