Computer & electronic recycling in Saint-Eustache


For several years, the world has been producing waste on a dazzling scale. Concretely, in general, the planet produces up to 56 million tons. This figure relates only to waste from the IT field, of which one third of the given figure. Seeing such a finding, it becomes urgent to react, and this as soon as possible. The only way out of this infernal circle is recycling. From now on, it turns out to be necessary to recycle everything that comes from used computer parks.

Recycling computer equipment: what is it?

This is recycling that turns to a well-defined field: the IT field. It therefore concerns computers with their components and also the various accessories. This action should be taken seriously, because in front of the development of new technology, new models of devices appear on the market.

Users who do not have the right reflex follow the banal categorization, which is not suitable. We must take the time to put them aside so that they do not start poisoning human health with all its components. Once this selection is well done, the work can then begin in order to give a new life so as not to draw again on the resources of the planet. An ecological gesture for those in the vicinity of Saint-Eustache

Computer and computer recycling in Saint-Eustache: the different components

computer recycling

For the field of computer recycling and electronic recycling, many components are included in the list. It can be the motherboard, the hard drive… Let’s see together all the recyclable elements of a computer.


Regardless of the model and brand, the processor appears at the top of the list of recyclable components. It is very important to recycle it since it is the very core of the computer: all the commands of the various elements start from it before all their execution. Its recycling leads to having at its disposal elements such as gold, palladium, aluminum, copper or silver.


Like the previous component, the motherboard plays a very important role. It is it that serves as a link in the execution of actions between all the elements of computing devices. We insist on recycling it, because it contains a terribly harmful element: lead. So that it does not spread everywhere and thus causing many consequences on the environment and health, they must be sorted in order to recycle.


The PCI card like the other two at the top of the list is essential in the operation of a computer. More precisely, it is she who will ensure the connection between the motherboard and the other cards used. Once recycled, it can be used again in the creation of a new mobile phone as well as many parts of the various electronic and computer devices. Recyclage Québec is keen to recycle this element since it also contains gold and aluminum.


These memory sticks, after a good recycling, it will become a good vein for other uses in the computer field. But it will also be used to increase the performance of a computing device. In this case, no need to take the planet’s energy reserves again, electronic recycling products will do the trick.

Hard disk:

This element is what will form the memory of a computer. It is part of the list, because it can still be used whether it is fit to walk or damaged. For those who can no longer serve, a removal of useful parts could help others, still repairable, to have a new life. In addition, one element in particular also catches the attention of recyclers: it is the tray. Its importance comes from the fact that from this part of the hard disk can be removed useful and important elements: nickel, cobalt and also iron oxide.

Other computer materials:

Almost all elements of computer parks can be recycled: screens, mice, scanners, USB sticks, headsets… But we must not forget to recycle all the plastics used in the design of these components. This will be another salient point to limit the ecological impact.

Computer and electronic recycling in Saint-Eustache: the steps to follow

In any case, recycling follows a well-defined process. In the first place, it is necessary to go to the structure offering this service. Once all the information is given, registration will be required.

This registration will validate the performance of work towards both entities. For its part, those who are going to get rid of old machines must still sort out what seems too used, less used and those that are still in working order.

With such meticulousness, the recycling work will begin in good conditions. The sign in Saint-Eustache then continue with the treatment by doing everything necessary to remove and detach all the parts of the device.