North Shore Computer Recycling

After a good time of use, it is important to renew your computer pack. And if the acquisition of new equipment is one thing, the management of worn or old ones is another. It is no longer a secret that the management of computer waste is by far the most tedious. However, it is dangerous for the environment to treat this waste in the same way as others. So you won’t just be able to put them in a garbage can. It is best to have it recycled. However, computer recycling companies do not run the streets, especially in areas like the North Shore. You live in Laval, Blainville, Sainte-Thérèse or any other city on the North Shore and are looking for a solution to manage your useless computer equipment? We’ve been thinking about you.

For recycling, is it important to recycle?

Computer equipment consist of many harmful elements environment. These include lead, copper and mercury. In a computer, these elements are essential either to ensure the transfer of information and the performance of different hardware, or for the resistance of different connections. Outside the computer, these are real elements harmful at the same time to the environment as to humans. Mercury, for example, is harmful to health. Lead is harmful to plants, animals and some microorganisms. Copper, when dispersed in nature, is also a problem for the eco system.

As a result, there is no longer any evidence that the processing of computer equipment is delicate. Speaking of treatment, the best option is recycling. This will not be a simple recycling. The goal is to breathe new life into the electronics and other recyclable components of your worn computer pack to avoid letting them hang out in the environment. It is an adequate and eco-responsible recycling. Do you live in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines or Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac? You can recycle all of your computer equipment without moving around.

Computer recycling in the North Shore: case of each component

Computer recycling in the North Shore takes into account computer hardware in general, but also every component. So you can simply recycle your motherboard, PCI card, processor, etc.

The motherboard:

The motherboard is a map on which different essential components connect in the computer. Conveniently, it’s a multi-layered circuit board run by hundreds of tracks that connects and powers specific connectors and electronic components.

It should be noted that this is a recoverable component. The motherboard can therefore be processed and put back on the market. Do you live in Terrebonne, Mirabel or Saint-Jérôme and want to get rid of your old motherboard? Don’t hesitate to recycle it to protect the environment.

The PCI card:

In a computer, the PCI card is responsible for access to the latest technologies (Wifi, for example). It also allows you to get better performance by pairing it with a second PCI card. It plugs directly into the motherboard.

The PCI card is a component that can withstand shocks, so that can easily be recycled and refurbished. If necessary, a professional will treat it so that it is not harmful to the environment. Do you live in Oka or Saint-Placide? You can recycle your computer’s PCI cards to protect the ecosystem.

The hard drive and RAM:

A computer inevitably has two memories: the hard drive, which is a storage memory, and the RAM, which is a RAM. The first allows the data to be kept permanently. The second, on the other hand, only stores the information temporarily. After a restart, the RAM fades. Its role is to provide timely access to information.

In the case of the hard drive, recycling will allow the equipment to be repaired. A hard drive can therefore be fully recovered. If it is damaged enough, the professional can extract the parts in good condition for use in repairing other hard drives that require the replacement of components. Anything that is unusable will ultimately be dealt with.

With regard to the recycling of vivid memories, in most cases there will be a outright treatment. However, before processing the component, the professional can remove precious metals that can be recycled and recovered.

In Pointe-Calumet, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Lorraine or Rosemere, you can take advantage of an eco-responsible recycling service for your computer’s hard drive or RAM.

The processor:

Still called CPU, the processor is the component that is most in demand in a computer. He is the one who executes the instructions and participates in the execution of the tasks under the commands you have launched. A processor has one or more cores.

Recycling the processor will involve processing in a specialized industry to prevent the materials that make up it from contributing to environmental degradation.

In Bois-des-Fillion, Deux-Montagnes or Saint-Eustache, have your processor easily recycled.

The steps of computer recycling

Computer recycling is summed up in three steps. The first is sortingit out. At this level, dissociation work is done: computers that are still usable are separated from those that end up in a specialized landfill. This will allow the precise identification of the equipment to be cleaned up before the actual recycling begins.

The second step is reconditioning. It involves testing the various components of the computer hardware in order to upgrade them for use. It is here in particular that the professional completely dismantles the computer and the central unit to check the condition of each component. This will allow them to be assigned to other devices if they respond effectively. They can even be assembled to build a new device. Similarly, these components can be individually marketed for functional and warranty equipment.

Treatment is the third step in computer recycling. It mainly concerns components that are really worn out and that constitute waste. The treatment involves extracting ferrous metals such as steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum or copper for specialized recycling. The professional can also choose to resell them like metals that will go to smelters. Components such as hard drives are crushed (to destroy the confidential data they contain) and processed by incineration.

In Repentigny or Boisbriand, you can take advantage of these services, as it is for all the cities of the North Shore, without hassle.