Recycling screens, monitors of all kinds, plastic and metal recovery, free home pickup - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
Recycling of IT and Office Equipment

Les équipements informatiques de bureau sont probablement les matériels que nous recyclons le plus. Nous offrons le ramassage gratuit, de tous les équipements de bureau désuets, pour les entreprises commerciales et industrielles.

Equipement Industrial Commercial Pickup Fee
CRT Screen Free*
LCD Screen Free
Printer (laser, ink) Free
Scanners Free
Fax Free
Ink Cartridges Free
Computer Tower Free
Laptop Free

*A fee of $5 is charged per CRT screen if it is not accompanied by a computer.

Recycling of CRT screens, monitors and other electronic components of the computer, recovery of recyclable materials - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
CRT Screen
Entrust us with your obsolete CRT screens.

We proceed to the recycling of the screens by separating all the different components from one another to then be able to recover adequately each type of material.

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Recovery of computer screens, monitors to recycle metal and plastic - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
LCD Screen
LCD screens do not go to conventional recycling.

LCD screens will be dismantled to recycle glass, wire, plastic and other components according to the best method that is specific to each type of material.

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Recovery of electronic printing products, printers, laser, dot matrix, dot matrix, inkjet, scanners, old photocopiers for recycling - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
Let us recycle your printers or other office equipment for a responsible environmental gesture.

We are fortunate to work with specialists who know all the types of materials found in office equipment. They therefore carry out a specific recycling method for different materials.

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Recovery of scanners and other office computer products - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
Scanners are made of multiple materials that can be recycled or recovered.

We separate plastic, glass, internal technology and other computer components and then recycle them carefully.

Free Pickup
Recycling of faxes and other office equipment - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
Like cordless telephones or printers, faxes can be dismantled and recycled.

We specialize in the recycling of computer and office waste of all kinds. We do the free pickup for commercial and industrial spaces.

Free Pickup
Recycling of electronic printing products, empty ink cartridges for recycling - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
Ink Cartridges
Ink cartridges are toxic to the environment.

That's why we offer a cartridge recovery service for proper disposal.

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Recovery of computer towers, monitors and base, free pickup at home - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
Computer Tower
Computer towers are an amalgam of recyclable materials.

We find among other: plastic, glass, non-ferrous metal, printed circuit boards and other computer components.

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Laptops, pickup, free recovery, certificate of destruction of personal data - Dorval, Côte Saint-Luc
Laptops must be dismantled for industry-compliant recycling.

We are a recycling center specializing in waste recovery or any type of computer equipment. We also pick up your computers for free.

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