Computer recycling South Shore

Computers of another age, faulty printers, end-of-life hard drives… Absolutely all computer devices can be recycled. This call is mainly made to companies that have a large computer fleet. All of these companies have an obligation to recycle computer devices within their companies. Each computer device follows a specific life cycle and cannot be thrown out on the street after use. Apart from the European obligation, recycling computer devices is an ecological action designed to protect the environment. How to recycle computer devices and why make this action a priority in business?

How do I recycle computer devices?

Before you ask questions, it should be noted that virtually all computer devices can be recycled: processors, hard drives, computer screens, motherboards, PCI cards, memory bars… It is also possible to recycle Plastic Metals circuit.

To organize this activity, it is advisable to use a specialized company like Info Liquidation Recycle which is able to recycle computer devices in the South Shore area of Montreal. This company will therefore be able to intervene in the following cities:

  • Boucherville;
  • Chateauguay
  • Mercier
  • Varennes
  • Candiac
  • The Prairie
  • Brossard;
  • Longueuil;
  • Greenfield Park;
  • Saint-Hubert;
  • Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville;
  • St. Lambert.

It’s much safer to let a specialized company take care of it for you. Indeed, this activity takes several factors into account. You have to go through a well-defined process to be successful.

Sorting: The sorting of computer devices is done in several stages. The first step is to separate computers that can still be used from those that are at the end of their lives. These devices include two categories:

  • Computer devices that operate on sector, battery or battery. They are usually recycled with small electrical equipment. They can be reached on cell phones or tablets.
  • Devices with a screen. This equipment must be cleared before the treatment phase. For this, it is important to recycle them separately.

Collect: Specialized companies like Info Liquidation Recycle offer to collect at no cost for your company and also taking into account the quantity and condition of the material. Before using a company to recycle your computer devices, it is advisable to find out about the specifics of its services.

Doing the reconditioning: Laptops, Central Units… The specialized company is able to reuse some devices in full or only a few parts. Components can be tested, repaired and used again. Others can sometimes be disassembled to extract components and metals that still work so that they are assigned to other equipment. Devices obtained from these components will be put back on the market and marketed under warranty.

Doing the treatment: For the last phase, that of the treatment, the computer waste collected is dismantled in order to enhance the material. Components and metals that are still usable are collected and then sorted according to certain precise classification standards. They are then distributed to recycling companies. There is always a reusable component that can be recovered from a faulty computer device. Whether it’s in the memory card, the graphics card or the cables, it’s possible to find steel, aluminum, copper or plastic. Each of these materials is distributed according to their respective sectors. For screens, they always undergo a clean-up before any use.

As for a computer’s battery and hard drive, they are generally non-reusable. The batteries have a limited lifespan and therefore cannot be treated otherwise. As for the hard drive, it is crushed to destroy the confidential data stored there. What is left of it will be processed in storage, incineration, etc.

Why recycle computer devices?

Recycling computer devices has many benefits for both your business and the environment. This action allows you to create jobs that can’t be relocated. Indeed, the economy of repairing and collecting computer equipment offers far more jobs than a simple landfill. In addition, the repair and extraction of some reusable components involves the creation of local jobs. Apart from these social benefits, recycling computer equipment will also allow you to reduce your digital bills. The refurbished equipment offers between 60% and 80% savings. Thanks to reconditioned hardware, the market for used computer devices is booming, allowing access to information technology to be democratized.

Other reasons for recycling computer devices is the impact of this action on the environment. Recycling reduces the extinction of the animal species. There has been an exponential increase in the number of animals that disappear due to chemical pollution. Using extracted mercury as an example, only 22% is intended for technology companies. In addition, the amount of mercury found in a single pile is capable of polluting about 1 square metre of soil and 1000 m3 of water for 50 years. This environmental pollution goes up the food chain to our plates and is therefore a danger to our health. Recycling computer equipment can therefore be a way to preserve your health and that of your loved ones.

Contact a specialist company

Given the importance of recycling computer equipment, it is important that this task be entrusted to a specialized company in order to have better results. This allows you to find the company in your area that can handle it.

In addition to saving you money on digital bills, recycling computer devices allows you to contribute to the protection of the planet. If your company is defending environmental laws, this activity can be a perfect opportunity to once again demonstrate to your customers how important green actions are to you. Don’t hesitate to organize this equipment collection event as many times as necessary to enjoy a healthier environment.