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Data Destruction
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Pickup Procedure



For a free pickup, please fill the pickup request form by indicating the number of each item to be recycled. (Ex: 45 computers, 30 CRT screens, 6 printers, 4 laptops, 1 fax machine, 2 servers, 4 different cable boxes or any other computer and electronic equipment.).


Confirm a date

Your pickup request will be processed within 24 hours and the materials will be picked up within 72 hours.

Collecte ramassage déchets électroniques industriels, recyclage materiel informatique sans frais



We do not charge any fees for the pickup or materials. Certificate of destruction available.

Make The Right Choice !

Our Services

You want to optimize your space, change your obsolete computer park or simply release a cluttered room of a thousand and one computer parts. Our service company offers you the complete pickup of all your material, directly on your site, without you having to worry about anything. We will move to your site for free to evaluate your fleet and offer you a quick and organized disencumber solution. Whether you have a one item or fifteen tons of products, we will find a simple way together to achieve our common goals; to save time, space and preserve our environment.

We collect and process your old computer and electronic equipment under strict compliance with the new legislation

Recyclable Materials

  • Metals, plastics and printed circuit boards
  • IT and office equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Batteries and power sources
  • Computer and electrical cables
Complete List
Recycling Procedure
100% of the computer components, whether obsolete or not, can be recovered and recycled.

The devices are recovered, dismantled and shredded, manually or using specialized machines. The recoverable fragments are recycled in the form of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, cables, plastics, etc.

Collecte matières recyclables, électronique, informatique, ordinateurs et ses composantes
Collection Request
To help us better assess your needs and plan transportation for the pickup, please complete the pickup form.

Your pickup request will be processed within 24 hours and the materials will be picked up within 72 hours. We do not charge any fees for pickup or transportation.

Data Destruction
We make sure to destroy all of your confidential data.

To meet the requirements of our customers, certificates of destruction of confidential data can be issued at their request, free of charge.

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