Recycling routers and modems or other obsolete electronic equipment, recycling parts recovery - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
Recycling of Telecommunication Equipment

We all know that throwing old cell phones or other telecommunication devices into garbage cans or conventional recycling is a danger to the ecosystem, since there are many materials that are toxic to the environment. We can properly recycle phones and give them a new life by retrieving electronic equipment and other recyclable components.

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Recycling of modems and routers, recycle network electronic equipment - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
Eco-friendly recycling of modems.

Modems are made up of many recyclable materials, most of them plastic. Following the free pickup of your modems, we dismantle them and proceed with the recycling according to the needs of each type of equipment.

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Recycling of routers, routers and modems, small or large quantity - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
You bought a higher performance router?

Do not throw your old telecommunication devices in the trash. There is a use to everything. We can safely recycle your routers in our spaces specially designed for the recovery of electronic material.

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Switch recycling, office or personal internet network equipment, telecommunication equipment - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
The switches are composed mainly of plastic, non-ferrous metal and printed circuit boards.

We do the recovery of all these types of equipment and more. All electrical wires and cables can also be recycled. We offer you a free pickup service.

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Internet terminal recovery, modems, routers, free home pickup - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
Internet Terminal
All electronic equipment can be recycled in our specialized recovery areas.

We find plastic, silver, copper and palladium in most electronic products and all of these materials can be recycled or recovered.

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Recovery of office phones, old, obsolete, broken, eco-responsible, free home pickup - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
The components found in phones are harmful if they are not recycled properly.

We recycle used phones for free at home or in the office. We can collect your old phones for free and recover the electronic equipment found in these devices.

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Recycling old cell phones or other obsolete electronic equipment - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
We have specialized facilities for cell phone recycling.

From flip phones to the latest smart phones, we offer free pickup service as well as safe and compliant recycling of all these devices.

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Telephone circuits, recycling of telecommunication equipment - Mirabel, Saint-Eustache
Telephone Circuits
We recover obsolete computer or electronic equipment.

The components found in the telephone circuits can be recycled without problem, if they are brought to the right place. We can do the free pick up of your telecommunications equipment in Mirabel, Saint-Eustache and the North Shore.

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Obsolete transformers can be recovered and recycled.

Any telecommunication equipment such as transformers can be divided according to the type of component and recycled or recovered properly.

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