Recycling Batteries and Power Sources Montreal

The collection and recycling of batteries and power sources is part of the global vision of preserving the planet. To this end, many means are used by governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to facilitate their implementation. Our actions are also part of this logic and are therefore aimed at helping the people and businesses of Montreal and about such as Dorval, Pointe-Claire, Dollars des Ormeaux, Lachine, Verdun, Lasalle and Ville Saint-Laurent to get rid of their electrical and electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way. So don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why use our services in Montreal?

The planet is now on the brink because of the overexploitation of its resources. To this end, our actions aim to encourage people to behave in an eco-responsible way. These include controlling their energy consumption as well as recycling batteries and other power sources. In the latter case, measures taken in the past and which are still in force require manufacturers to remove batteries and other user batteries from circulation. These measures are only partially respected. For example, in a province like Quebec, the province to which the city of Montreal belongs, out of 120 million batteries used each year, only 6% go through a recycling process.

Batteries and power sources are a real danger if they are not recycled. Indeed, many studies have shown that during their degradation, they release harmful products into nature. Thus, it is not also advisable to keep them at home after using them. As with nature, the human body is hardly immune to the adverse effects of products in batteries and other power sources. Lead poisoning is one of many evils that threatens people in contact with lead contained in most batteries and power sources…

For children, the risk is also real. Indeed, button batteries that are known for their small size can be swallowed by them. Here, the main risk is a serious injury caused by mercury also present in most electrical and electronic waste of this type.

Given the risks associated with not recycling batteries and power sources, we take care of their collection, but also their recycling. As such, some figures deserve some attention. So, do you know that the recycling rate is 50% and 80% depending on the type of batteries or batteries recycled? do you know that from recycling this electrical waste you can obtain a varied range of metals such as iron, cobalt, zinc, steel, cadmium or nickel?

In fact, each type of battery or power source requires a treatment method of its own. We are therefore in charge of making this waste useful again for the greater good of humanity.

Present for Montreal and its boroughs such as Cote-des-Neiges, Ahuntsic, Saint-Léonard and Plateau Mont-Royal for several years, our company has services capable of passing through your home as well as in your company or your warehouse. The collection of your various electrical and electronic waste is done free of charge and in a fairly short time. This is 24 hours at most to process your pickup request and a maximum of 72 hours to go to collect at home.

Recycling batteries and power sources:

the products obtained
The collection and recycling of batteries and power sources makes it possible to obtain many products. These are mainly precious, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These can be used to make a new battery, as they can be used in the design of other equipment. As such, here is a non-exhaustive description of the recyclable materials that can be obtained from batteries and power sources:

Non-rechargeable batteries: very present in households, non-rechargeable batteries are used for remote controls, watches and other small devices. They are often in stick or button form. In either case, we collect them for recycling. Their treatment results from several metals such as iron or zinc. These are used both in the design of new batteries, as in the manufacture of kitchen instruments.

Rechargeable batteries: they are found much more in mobile phones, MP3s, etc. Wrongly called a battery, their recycling reduces human pressure in the exploration and exploitation of certain terrestrial resources: cadmium, lithium, zinc, etc. Thus, some of the components from their recycling are still found in other electric batteries or used to manufacture motor vehicle parts…

UPS batteries: used mainly in inverters, UPS batteries are known for their harmfulness. Indeed, containing lead and many other heavy metals, this is not the type of electrical waste that is thrown away anywhere. As a result, they benefit from a specific treatment, which allows the recovery of this waste: lithium, iron, cadmium, etc. These will be used as well to manufacture other batteries or car parts, etc.

Industrial batteries: very powerful, we distinguish between several types. So depending on the concentration of lithium or lead, we apply different recycling methods. In the first case, recycled lead will be used in many plastics, while lithium will be used for other food sources.

Auto batteries: as polluting as other types of batteries, they nevertheless offer a very interesting recycling potential. For example, the batteries of hybrid vehicles contain enough lithiums. These can be used after recycling in the manufacture of other batteries, etc. Iron, zinc and other metals are just as useful.

Where to find us?

Our company is present in Montreal and its surrounding suburbs such as Rosemont, Pierrefonds and Pointe-aux-Trembles. We have specialized vehicles for the collection and collection of electrical and electronic waste. To this end, thanks to a rigorous method that respects the standards in force, we give your waste a new life. Fill out the collection application form on our website, in order to benefit from our toll-free pickup services.

Recycling batteries and power sources: our impact on the ground

Thanks to the various actions carried out in the recycling and collection of batteries and power sources, we have managed to rid many households and businesses of electrical and electronic waste. From a global point of view, together with you, we help preserve the ecosystem while guaranteeing you a healthy lifestyle. To this end, do not hesitate to call on our services. You will contribute in one way or another to the protection of our dear planet.