What to do with your out-of-service electronic devices?

Using electronic devices for pleasure or work is always pleasant. But, sooner or later, they are no longer of any use to us because they are out of service. This is a kind of waste that cannot be managed like other debris. Faced with this state of affairs, it is essential to follow the instructions of the professionals in the management of electronic products that use it. It is precisely these tips that we offer you in our company Infoliquidation. Discover our adequate solutions to these electronic equipments that can become bulky.

An obligation to protect against environmental challenges

Protecting humans from environmental issues is a priority for the survival of the human species. Electronic and computer devices are very efficient to use. However, they do pollute the environment. For this to happen, we need rules to protect the human person.

An obligation to collect

Under the principle of extended producer responsibility, the producer has an obligation to clean up the environment. Thus, it is obliged to contribute to the collection and recovery of the products it manufactures. This collection can be done in two ways.

The first is that these electronic and electrical devices can be paid for by the collectors themselves. The second way lies in the donation by these holders of devices to the collecting agents. Thus, the producer is obliged to recycle the old machines. In the event of a refusal, he may risk a ticket.

A one-for-one take-back obligation

The other obligation on the producer, seller or distributor is the obligation to take back one for one. Indeed, when you buy a new electronic device, the seller is required to take back your old device for free. This is the principle of “1 for 1”. This legal obligation is applicable to certain types of sales such as mail order, the pure players of the Web.

A collection by stores

Apart from the producers themselves, there are some stores that help recycle out-of-service electronic devices. These, unlike the manufacturers, have no obligation towards you. They simply help you get rid of those devices that are a danger to the environment.

While some organizations are assisting in recycling, other options are available.

A trio of divergent possibilities

It can be a laptop or desktop, electrical wires, a printer or a mobile phone. When your device is out of service, you have three options. We are talking about repair, reuse or, in the worst case, recycling.

Repair of devices

An out-of-service device does not mean that it is at the end of its life. The first possibility that opens up to you lies in the repair of it. We advise you to first prioritize to repair your devices in case of malfunction. This is necessary to extend the life of this device you are using.

There are some of these electricians who take care of the repair of non-functional devices. They are in fact responsible for the restoration of these devices to working order. In addition to using electricians, you can also repair your electronic devices yourself. However, it is always preferable to entrust them to a professional in the trade so that he can take care of them. This makes it possible not to create more damage to these materials.

The devices, once broken down, can be used again.

Device reuse

It is possible that some devices are susceptible to use. By donation or resale, you can deliver your devices. Thus, these will undergo a restart by the collectors. The success of the restart could benefit another household that will commit to using it again. If you are looking for a professional collector, choose us. We are among the best companies collecting electronic equipment in this field.

It can also happen that you no longer want to use your device. In this case, remember that a third person in your community certainly needs such a device. Here, the solution is simple. You can sell it to him.

The interest in reselling your out-of-service electronic devices is that they provide you with revenue. You can make the right Samaritan by donating your devices.

So when your devices become waste in your home, what should you do?

Device recycling

Waste is dirtying your homes. We have to get rid of it. When it comes to out-of-service electronic devices that are no longer of any use, recycling is necessary. Recycling is the last option that can be considered in order to get rid of these devices. Thus, waste disposal facilities are official drop-off points, reserved for the reception of waste in Quebec. You can therefore consider disposing of these devices in the nearest waste disposal facility to your home.

An obligation to take back an old device free of charge has been put on the distributor’s head since 2015.


All in all, it should be remembered that among the companies specializing in the recycling of your out-of-service devices, we occupy a comfortable position. Therefore, call on our services to manage this waste.



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