Why is it important to recycle your electronics?

With the advancement of technology, more and more electronic machines are being used. When it becomes obsolete or unusable, it is called electronic waste. They are not limited to old mobile phones and televisions. They include anything that plugs into a power outlet or runs on a battery or battery and has reached its cycle life. However, many people don’t know how important it is to recycle this e-waste. Aside from their clutter in our closets, garages and garbage cans, recycling them has many advantages. Discover in this article the importance of electronic recycling.

Electronic recycling conserves natural resources

One of the advantages of electronic recycling is that it can extract and reuse precious metals. Technological advances are now making it possible to recover a good number of precious metals contained in electronic waste.

Indeed, electronic devices are a fertile source of valuable raw materials such as gold, aluminum, copper and many others. These could be used to make your next smartphone or tablet. Just because these devices no longer work doesn’t mean the components can no longer be used. The possibility of recycling more e-waste is great. Currently, only 10-15% of the gold in e-waste is recovered internationally.

Electronic recycling contributes to reducing the amount of mining, greenhouse gas emissions and conserving our planet’s precious natural resources. Also, it offers a better way to get them. According to the United Nations, precious metal deposits in e-waste are between 40 and 50 times richer than those found in ore extracted from the earth. In fact, in a ton of e-waste, there is 100 times more gold than a ton of gold ore.

Electronic recycling reduces toxic substances and greenhouse gases

Electronic devices also contain toxic substances such as:

  • cadmium;
  • chromium;
  • lead;
  • mercury…

They may also consist of other heavy metals and possibly toxic chemicals. Recycling e-waste reduces chemical emissions during the disposal of devices and as part of the manufacturing process of new machinery. When manufacturing companies use recycled materials to produce new electronics, they consume less energy than if they used new materials.

As a result, fewer greenhouse gases are sent into the environment. In order to prevent these substances from being released into the environment, electronic waste must be recycled properly, and this in a slightly safer place such as a scrap recycling park. You can also contact
Info Liquidation Recycle
, our electronic and computer recycling company based in Montreal.

Electronic recycling protects your health

As mentioned above, e-waste can contain chemicals and potentially hazardous substances. This can not only harm our environment, but also those around us. Even traces of these toxins can be dangerous if they enter waterways, soil or air. Electronic recycling keeps these hazardous substances out of landfills, garbage disposal sites and incinerators.

Be sure to bring your e-waste to a place where electronic equipment is destroyed instead of leaving it in a garbage can, polluting the health of the community. If you do not have time to travel, you can submit a pickup request to us. We will collect all the electronic material at no cost.

Electronic recycling protects your data

When the majority of electronic devices or gadgets fail, many are the ones who get rid of them. This is due to the fact that repairing these electronic devices is much more expensive than buying a new device. These old machines are thus put in the trash without destroying the information they contain. The same goes for companies that want to get rid of outdated or non-functional hardware. These electronic devices contain a large part of your personal data.

These gestures therefore remain quite compromising, because people with bad intentions such as data thieves and cybercriminals could use them for malicious actions. In addition, throwing away your computer or mobile phone is not the best solution. The best option is to carry out a computer retraining after having, if possible, destroyed all your data. At Info Liquidation Recycle, we take care of deleting all of your confidential information.

Ultimately, contact us for the recycling of your old electronic equipment.