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Protect your confidential data forever.
Destruction de disque dur et de données confidentielles à domicile - Lachine, Lasalle
Why the destruction of hard drives?
  • Physical destruction of your hard disk at home, so you have a guarantee that your data can never be restored.
  • A certificate of legitimate destruction is given to you after the destruction of the hard drive.
  • Avoid unnecessary risks that may arise if you decide to use a basic method of "data destruction" such as reformatting, demagnetizing, storing or simply erasing your personal data.
Hard Disk destruction at home

Physical destruction destroys the platters, mechanisms and electronic components as well as the magnetic surfaces of the hard drive. The debris are then recycled in partnership with trusted electronic recycling companies.

Hard disk destruction at office for compagnies - Lachine, Lasalle
As a company
For you and your clients
The duty

It is very important that you completely destroy your hard drive if you have retained personal information about your company, but also the data of your customers and employees.

Safe method
The protection

Physical destruction is the only way to ensure that your data is no longer recoverable in any way. In addition, we offer home service and destroy electronic equipment with you.

Certificate of destruction
The proof

The certificate issued by a team specialized in destruction of computer support is concrete proof that your company respects the established rules on the protection of personal information.

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