Computer & electronic recycling in Pointe-Calumet


The whole world is constantly producing waste and more waste. Most of the devices and other items used are discarded once its use is complete. So in the face of such a disaster, everyone wants to be the ecological term and does their utmost not to just throw away, but to recycle. This new trend is all the more relevant especially for the IT field.

Recycling computer equipment: what you need to know

What is recycling? It is to do a job beforehand so that the fact of throwing does not become systematic. For the IT field, it occupies a very important place. Indeed, computer parks should not be thrown away in conventional garbage because they contain many harmful elements and cause irreversible aggression to man and the planet.

Recycling, in addition to ensuring that harmful elements are not spread on the planet is an eco-friendly gesture: giving back a second life instead of throwing away and making a new one.

Computer hardware recycling: the elements to be recycled

computer recycling

For computer recycling, almost all items are recoverable. But in most cases it is the motherboard, processors, memory sticks, hard drives, PCI card


The motherboard is the central element of the computer. It acts as an intermediary between the other elements for better order fulfillment. This element is all the more recommended for recycling, because it is composed of lead and you know very well how harmful it is for humans and for the planet. In addition, through good recycling, it is possible to extract gold from it.


This second element is frequently compared to a heart, to hearts. It is therefore a vital element of the computer allowing it to do the different tasks. It also contains gold, more than the motherboard. Processors, once recycled, can give us palladium, copper, silver and aluminum. These precious metals can then be used to manufacture new computer elements

Memory bars.

Yes, memory sticks are also recoverable. First of all, because they are made in the sense that their reconditioning is easier: they are resistant. Once reconditioned, they can be reused again. It is also possible to reuse them in other areas.


Whether they are in market condition or damaged, hard drives are completely recyclable. When they arrive at our home in Pointe Calumet, they are either refurbished or classified for dismantling. For the second category, it is those who compose them that will be reused. These include the tray. From this plateau can then be extracted nickel and iron oxide.


As opposed to the motherboard, the PCI card is also called a daughter card. This card is of significant importance for the connectivity of a computer. Indeed it is the element responsible for everything related to wifi, wifi access. To add performance to the computer, the ideal would be to use at least two.

Its recycling brings it back to another world: that of mobile phones. So not to waste this important element, come and entrust them to us at Pointe Calumet.


PCI card, motherboard, processors… are the main elements that will be taken care of first. But afterwards, the deep recycling will lead to the work of various metals such as gold, copper or aluminum. And that’s not all, all plastics from computers and computer parks will also be reused.

Computer hardware recycling: the steps

Computer recycling goes through different stages. To begin the process, it is recommended to come to us for a registration in Pointe-Calumet. A team will then pick up the used computer equipment from you if you do not have time to bring them back to our brand. Once there, a first step will begin: sorting. This sorting will highlight the elements to be repackaged and the others that will have to go through a more thorough treatment (grinding).

Whatever the state of your computer park, choosing and taking the time to call on a recycling expert will be the best decision. You will have less garbage to manage, but you will also have made a considerable contribution to the planet.