Recycling computer and laptop South Shore

Every year, nearly 700,000 computersare sold in Quebec City alone. Considering that a Canadian produces an average of 20 kilograms of e-waste and that companies change their computer fleet about every 3 years, there are no less than 170,000 tonnes of electronic waste each year. The situation worsens over time because of equipment producers who continue to flood the market with products that are supposed to bring new products.

What is the current finding on e-recycling in Montreal?

Today, there is a propensity among individuals to accumulating e-waste at home while waiting for a clean-up. When it arrives next, the appliances are simply mixed up in household waste despite the existence of a electronic recycling system. Out of three Quebecers, only one person would be aware of the importance of the process of recovering the devices to limit the pollution generated.

To limit the impact of used computers and laptops, regulations require electronics manufacturers and retailers to prioritize device recycling through the “Extended Producer Responsibility” program. To compensate, they have added a tax to the aircraft bill. The eco-fees collected (nearly $17 million/year) are donated to Association for the Recycling of Electronic Products of Quebec (ARPE). The institution collects e-waste 960 deposits before sending them to certified recyclers who then take care of their re-conditioning or disposal. Most components such as batteries, keyboards, mice, LCD displays and cathode screens are not reusable. However, a large number of items are reworked before being put back on the market as manufacturing material.

Despite the existence of this system, many illegal recycling channels are still trying to take advantage of the market. Companies would have been pinned for the mismanagement of their waste, or for entrusting the recycling of their devices to non-certified suppliers.

What are your recycling options if you live on the South Shore?

In addition to the Bell CFER network and VIDEOtron’s SIT Mauricie, ARPE represents the largest recycling network overseen by Recyc-Québec for a regulated waste transformation. Together, they provide the public with a variety of opportunities to move their e-waste.

As an individual

The first thing you can do as an individual is to keep your electronic devices long term. Trends and new features should not distract you from your devices that always perform their role well.

If you have an aging device however, you can still consider an alternative. It’s all about donating computers to associations Boucherville, Brossard and Longueuil. You can make available various devices such as adapters, phones or various cables that will be restored to working condition by NGOs and resources .

Otherwise, you will need to drop off your devices at recovery points or use a provider near your home. A few instructions are still to be followed before going through the sorting. Remove the batteries and batteries and put them in the dedicated portable recycling bin and separate the screens from the rest of the devices. If you use a provider, you can always do separate groups or assign this task to the professional.

As a company

For companies wishing to participate in the recycling program, the choice is limited. You must call in a provider to transport all of your out-of-use devices to an ARPE collection point. Servers, printers, as well as computer equipment (switch, modems, U.P.S…) and computer parts (circuits, hard drives, etc.) are all affected. If you live on the South Shore, you will find many professionals in the towns of Greenfield Park, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Saint-Lambert to help you in this task. Depending on the number and size of your devices, however, the recovery service can Be paid.

Some businesses may also offer to take your devices back to refurbish and upgrade them on the second-hand devices market. On the other hand, it can be interesting for you to collaborate with a recycling company. Some of them employ people with disabilities. By working with them, you can take advantage of a reducing your Agefiph contribution if you have trouble finding a disabled employee to participate in the life of your business.

Who to use to recycle your devices?

As you will have understood, e-waste management is important, especially since a formal recycling system has been put in place. In addition, it is funded by the eco-fees you pay with each new purchase of an electronic device. However, it’s about paying attention to the provider you entrust your devices to. As far as possible, you can go to one of the many collection points for used appliances or use a certified professional for safe computer and other devices recycling.