How do I destroy the data in a hard drive?

There are several reasons why you may decide to destroy data in your hard drive. You decide for example to sell your computer,or to offer it to someone, so it is imperative for reasons of personal security, or preservation of your privacy, to carefully clean the hard drive that represents the memory of the device.


At we proceed to the destruction on the spot of your hard drives

But how else can we do it? How to destroy data contained in a hard drive effectively? Here are the tips of our experts.

Techniques to erase a hard drive safely

The foreplay before erasing your hard drive

Delete the contents of a hard drive, assume that you will lose your data forever. It is therefore advisable to keep a copy of this data unless you want to destroy it forever.

To keep them, it is therefore necessary to first copy them and send them to a new storagedisk. If you have an iCloud or OnDrive or other account, you can also send the information you want to keep to these media. You can also send this data to an external hard drive. If you wish, you can destroy this data without keeping it.

Procedure to erase a hard drive durably

For Windows 8.1 or 10 users, the procedure for destroying hard disk memory is very simple.

Go to your computer’s setting, and then you click Update and Security. After that, you choose “RECOVERY”, then select Delete All, then erase the files and clean the drive. To complete the procedure, you click Next, Reset, and continue.

For users of a Windows earlier than 8.1, it is necessary to involve third-party software that will facilitate the removal of memory from your hard disk. It is important to choose software that meets the requirements of the US DoD 5220.22-M standard in order to destroy the data contained in your hard drive. Depending on the weight of the data contained on your disk, it may take a few hours to use the software. However, beyond these methods, there are other equally effective methods.

Tips for erasing a hard drive

After you have transferred your computer to another person, by sale or donation, the latter may try to harm you by retrieving the information contained on your hard drive. To avoid this kind of situation, we advise you to make use of very certain methods to clean your memory.

Techniques for a safe cleaning of your hard drive

For lovers of technology,formatting a memory or emptying the recycle bin of the computer is already enough to ensure the destruction of a hard disk. Unfortunately, this method is the wrong one because the data can be easily found using a recovery software. Because when you send a file to the recycle bin and then empty it, the computer just erases the reference to the file and not the file itself. The file remains in your computer until it is destroyed with software.

The best method, on the contrary, is to use a computer program that will effectively remove the memory from your hard drive. The larger the amount of data to be deleted, the longer the destruction operation will take.

These types of software are often difficult to find in store, it is better to buy it online or download and burn it to a blank CD in order to use it properly. In the province of Quebec, we are among the best companies able to provide you with the appropriate software for this work.

Other methods to destroy information in a hard disk

Several software programs can allow you to destroy your hard drive. Among other things, we have Darik’s Boot and Nuke software, it allows to erase the entire disk and recovery is impossible.

How to use this software?

  • Boot your PC to the floppy disk, USB flash drive, or CD and click ENTER;
  • Wait for the startup to complete. After a while, you will be greeted by a different screen;
  • Once this different screen is displayed, you can remove the floppy disk/USB drive/CD;
  • After what, press the M key, the key? Since we are in QWERTY, and choose the “PRNG Stream” method with up/down arrows and ENTER;
  • Press the R key, enter the value 8 (=number of passes) and press ENTER;
  • Next, select the hard drive by pressing SPACE;
  • Then activate F10 to start erasing and wait for the processing to finish.

After this last step, the data contained on your media will be totally erased and not recoverable.

Finally, it should be remembered that there are several techniques to delete the data contained in a hard disk. One can do this manually with the setting of his computer for those who are using a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. But those who use a Windows earlier than 8.1, it is necessary to have a software like Darik’s Boot and Nuke software to ensure an effective destruction. Moreover, the methods of formatting the hard drive or simply emptying the recycle bin are to be put aside, since this data can be very easily recovered with determined tools.


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