Recycling South Shore Telecom Equipment

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (DEEE)is a source of pollution. In this regard, the components of computer and office equipment contain substances that can be both rare but particularly dangerous. It is therefore recommended not to leave these materials at home at the end of the cycle or out of use, or to throw them away as they would with conventional waste. Rather than throwing them in the trash, it would be better to call in a recycling specialist. If you live in Montreal and more precisely on the South Shore as in Longueuil, Chateauguay, Mercier, La Prairie, Saint-Constant or Varenne you have the opportunity to apply for such a professional.

What is telecom equipment recycling?

All devices in the computer fleet are considered telecommunications equipment. In addition, smartphones, desktop phones, computer stations and the various devices that allow access to the internet. When they go to the dump, these objects are usually cremated. Otherwise, they are left simply in the wild and degrade over time. While most of them contain lead, cadmium and lithium and other toxic materials that can be harmful to the ecosystem, they are also composed of precious metals that can be valued. This is precisely what Info Liquidation Recycle offers the specialists in the recycling of telecommunications equipment. It is an expert work that usually takes place in 3 stages.

Recycling telecom equipment: what to value

Residents of the towns of Boucherville or Brossard have the opportunity to hire a telecom equipment recycling specialist. Without any charges,it will take care of the collection of your electronic devices and will then take care of recovering what can be recycled at the level of each device.

Modems: It is not possible to access the internet without a modem. It is actually an electronic component that allows you to decode a digital signal sent by your internet service provider. The word “modem” is an abbreviation that describes the precise role of this device. These are the functions of “modulator” and “demodulator.” Depending on the type of connection used, they can translate signals via the fiber optic, telephone line or coaxial cable. Then they quickly transmit them to the router. In case you want to get rid of it, ask an expert. If the recycling of modems allows to recover the plastics present in the case, it allows above all to recover gold. Because gold is a superconductor, it is found on contacts, circuit boards and electronic components.

Routers: The router acts as an intermediary between the modem and devices connected to the internet. It is in fact the one that transmits the decrypted data to the home network. Its role is all the more important because it also allows the network to be secured,because its setting can prevent any cyberattack on connected computers. During recycling work, the specialist can recycle the motherboard and microprocessor. This will recover copper and non-ferrous metals,such as gold, that make it up.

The switch: Still called a switch,the switch is used to carry a frame inside a computer network. This case actually has hundreds of Ethernet ports. Its main role is to connect different computers in the same computer park with each other. It is especially useful for diversifying virtual circuits within a single network. It also distinguishes itself from routers by its ability to filter the data to be disseminated. Your telecom recycling specialist in Longueuil and Greenfield Park will be able to retrieve the device’s electronic circuits. The switch can be made of plastics,but also ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The internet terminal: An internet terminal is delivered by your internet service provider. It is commonly called a box and provides distribution of the internet connection. Like any computer terminal, this device allows the entry and exit of digital data. Even old, this computer hardware is always useful. During recycling, the pick-up professional can retrieve the palladium and copper found there. In Saint-Hubert, you can hire an expert in telecom equipment recycling.

Phones: Residential or wired phones are mainly made up of a handset and a support with keys. The first allows you to converse with your correspondent via a microphone that converts sounds into an electrical signal. The second is used to dial the recipient’s number. They are placed in a fixed location and connected to a communication network via a cable. According to manufacturers, there are three types of devices: digital, analog and IP. If you have copies that are out of use or simply don’t use them anymore, you can turn them over to a telecom recycling service. These assemblages contain electronic elements from which copper and gold can be extracted.

Cell phones: Cell phones are portable devices. Regardless of the distance, these devices are functional provided they have network coverage. Over time, these devices have been equipped with multimedia features that sometimes make it possible to do without a computer. But you have to be aware that throwing your cell phone at the end of the cycle is a danger to the environment. It may contain cobalt,a highly carcinogenic substance. Residents of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Saint-Lambert can seek the services of a telecommunications recycling specialist. It will be able to use the plastics, glass, copper and silver again. Cell phones also include palladium, tin, tantalum, platinum and gold. These are all precious materials that deserve to be recovered.

Telephone circuits: Telephone circuits or telephone lines are cables that contain copper electrical conductors. They connect the user’s phone to a public network. In addition to the telephone, modern circuits now take into account the internet connection. When replacing them, modifying or upgrading your facility, don’t throw them away. Contact a recycling expert who will collect the copper.

Transformers: Many electrical appliances need a transformer. It’s a system thatlowers voltage, which allows for the power of electronic devices, for example. This device also regulates the voltage of electricity depending on the power of the device to be fed. Static transformers break down into magnetic circuit and winding,thus iron and copper that can be recovered. Electronic transformers contain components that contain precious metals. They can therefore be recycled by an expert.

Recycling South Shore Telecommunications Equipment: How to contact the recycling expert?

As soon as you are about to part with any electronic item, please contact Info Liquidation Recycle. Just fill out the pickup form. Within a maximum of 72 hours,the latter takes care of the removal of the material. In addition, you will be sure that all your confidential data will be destroyed and recycled.