Recycling of Metals, Plastics and Printed Circuit Boards

Throwing out old electronics in garbage cans or recycling bins in the city is harmful to the environment. All components of a computer are recycled or recovered, but it is necessary to have the proper facilties and specialized equipment for the recycling of metals, plastics or circuit boards found in computers.

Equipement Industrial Commercial Pickup Fee
Processors (CPU) Free
Motherboards Free
PC Cards (PCI,ISA,AGP..) Free
Memory strips Free
Hard Drives Free
Aluminium Free
Copper Free
Recycling computer hardware, processors and printed circuit boards - Repentigny, Boucherville
Processors (CPU)
We recover any type of computer processor.

Whether it's an outdated computer and the processor has already been used for a long time or you just want to upgrade your computer components, we can recycle any electronics that are no longer used.

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Recycling of electronic parts such as motherboards and other computer components - Repentigny, Boucherville
Get rid of your motherboards and other computer waste.

Any metal component found in computers can be recovered or recycled in a suitable center. Avoid throwing them in the trash if you do not know what to do with them. We are a center specialized in the recycling of metals, plastics and printed circuits.

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Recycling PCI cards and other recoverable computer components - Repentigny, Boucherville
PC Cards (PCI,ISA,AGP..)
PC Cards can be recycled in small or large quantities.

Any component found in a computer can be recycled without problems or even dismantled for another use. We are equipped to pick up and recycle computer pc cards of any kind.

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Memory strips, recycled printed circuit board - Repentigny, Boucherville
Memory strips
We have specialized equipment for the recycling of printed circuits.

We do the recovery of various computer parts like memory modules, by granulation and separation. We categorize the components according to the evaluation of the residues, the recyclable metals and those which must be melted.

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Free hard drive recovery for the commercial and industrial - Repentigny, Boucherville
Hard Drives
We can destroy and recycle hard drives at home.

After destroying the data on your hard drive, we can dismantle the computer part and properly recover the metals, plastics and other computer components for free.

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Recycling aluminum computer components for free - Repentigny, Boucherville
Recycling and free pickup of aluminum computer components.

Recycling service for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum from industrial or commercial environments. We are a company specialized in metal and electronic waste recovery.

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Barrette de mémoire, recyclage de circuits imprimés - Repentigny, Boucherville
We have the experience to properly recycle copper.

The recycling of non-ferrous metals requires specialized equipment for the recovery of computer equipment.

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