Recycling batteries of any kind, industrial or limited quantity, free home pickup - Laval, Montréal
Recycling of Batteries and Power Sources

We can recycle any type of battery that would otherwise be harmful to the environment with conventional recycling. We have facilities designed for the recovery of materials found in batteries.

Equipement Industrial Commercial Pickup Fee
Non-rechargeable Batteries Free
Rechargeable Batteries Free
UPS Batteries Free
Accumulators Free
Industrial Batteries Free
Car Batteries Free
Recycling batteries of any kind and other equipment power source for recovery - Laval, Montréal
Non-rechargeable Batteries
We can do the free pickup of batteries for businesses and industries.

We extract the metals found in the piles and reuse the ingots to make new ones.

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Batteries and various power supplies for recycling, eco-responsible - Laval, Montréal
Rechargeable Batteries
Some rechargeable batteries are not usable anymore, but we can recycle them.

We make free pickup of large quantity of batteries .

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Recovery of commercial and industrial UPS batteries - Laval, Montréal
UPS Batteries
It is dangerous to dispose of batteries in the trash.

The toxic materials found in batteries are harmful to the environment. Do not dispose of your batteries in the trash as they will end up in landfills. We can recycle your batteries for free.

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Recovery of commercial and industrial batteries and accumulators - Laval, Montréal
Electrochemical devices are welcome in our recovery center.

We are able to dismantle this type of power source and extract different components for proper recycling.

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Recovery of industrial batteries - Laval, Montréal
Industrial Batteries
We can pick up your industrial batteries without problem.

We are a recovery center that has specific facilities for some industrial waste such as these batteries. If they are a burden to you, they are welcome for us!

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Commercial and Industrial Car Battery recycling - Laval, Montréal
Car Batteries
Have you just replaced the battery of your vehicle?

You get rid of your car batteries that no longer work and you make a good gesture for the environment at the same time!

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