Computer recycling

Old computers, damaged printers, dead hard drives… Absolutely all computer devices can be recycled. Especially for companies with large computer fleets, a certain moral obligation to recycle computer devices within their company is becoming increasingly important. Each computer device follows a very limited life cycle, and the ecological or economic impact of getting rid of it can be enormous. Recycling computer devices is an environmentally friendly action designed to protect the environment.

Why recycle computer devices?

Recycling computer devices offers many benefits on a personal and environmental level. This action allows you to create jobs that can’t be relocated. In addition, the repair and extraction of some reusable components involves the creation of local jobs. In addition, recycling computer equipment will also allow you to reduce your digital bills. Thanks to reconditioned hardware, the market for used computer devices is booming, allowing access to information technology to be democratized.

But we have to consider the environmental impact of recycling. The amount of mercury found in a single pile is able to pollute 1 square meter of soil and 1000 m3 of water, this for 50 years! This environmental pollution goes up the food chain to our plates and is therefore a danger to our health. Recycling computer equipment therefore becomes an effective and measurable way to protect one’s overall well-being.

What can I do?

Sorting: Sorting computer devices requires several distinct steps:

Those that run on sector, battery or batteries. They are usually paired with small electrical equipment. They can be reached on cell phones or tablets.

This equipment must be cleared before the treatment phase.

Specialized companies such as Info Liquidation Recycle offer to collect at no cost for your company and also taking into account the quantity and condition of the equipment

Components can be tested, repaired and used again. Others can sometimes be disassembled to extract components and metals that still work so that they are assigned to other equipment. Devices obtained from these components will be put back on the market and marketed under warranty.

We recycle computer equipment in Montreal, on the north shore and on the south shore.

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